Chamberlain University


Chamberlain is the largest nursing school in the United States, and prides itself on the care it shows its students. But its guiding principle, "Chamberlain Care," can be a bit nebulous. So we worked with Chamberlain to create three series of YouTube videos that bring the concept of Chamberlain Care to life.

We began with an animated video that illustrates the concept of Chamberlain Care to current and potential students:

Then we turned the camera on faculty and students to hear about Chamberlain Care in their own words:

Finally, we showed how online students feel cared for and supported by professors they haven't met in person until graduation day:

Team: Creative Director: Jean Purcell // Copywriter: Heather Robertson // Art Director (animated video): Molly Geib // Illustrator: Jonathan Warobick // Animator: Daily Planet // Editor ("It's a Thing" videos): Jason Zenz // Producer/Director/Editor (graduation videos): Guy Bauer